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Black Scorpio Scorpion Stinger Laser Charm 146416926

Black Scorpio Scorpion Stinger Laser Charm Here we have a scorpion's stinger, which is the iconic symbol for the Zodiac Scorpio. Scorpios have traits of excitement and magnetism, but at times they are compulsive and resentful. This unique laser charm would make a nice birthday gift for anyone who is a Scorpio. more...

Angel Lying Down Laser Charm 192412270 This poor angel is so tired from flying all day that he just has to take a break and become grounded. Cute angel image is laser inscribed into steel base.

Boston Terrier Dog Photo Charm 620726489 Pictured here is a smooth and shorthaired Boston Terrier. The Boston Terrier pictured here has dark, large round eyes and small, stiff ears. It is delicately placed onto a high-grade stainless steel base, ensuring the superb quality for your charm. It is a great item to purchase for any dog lover.

Flower gold 368362825 Gorgeous gold enamel Flower Italian Charm. Absolutely beautiful gold enamel flower set on a stainless steel base. This is shiny and brilliant charm for light and happy spring mood!!!

R laser 13mm 618637534 Your own word on a bracelet is the most perfect way to be original. Your creativity and beautiful Letter R 13mm Laser Italian Charm together can create unrepeatable and unique charms bracelet. Your name, credo, sweet words or name of your darling now can be made from 13mm links. This perfect charm is very clear and quality. The letter is engraved with a laser on a steel link. Shiny stainless steel base is great contrast with classy black engraving color.

Robert Laser 173885892 Put your name or name of your darling on a bracelet. The Robert Laser Italian Charm is wonderful gift for all Robert or great way to show your special Robert what does he meant to you. The name is engraved with the laser on a high quality stainless steel base. The combination of black and steel looks very classic and wonderful

G 985033129 Elegant and refined Italic Letter G Laser Italian Charm is gorgeous piece for your charms collection. Letter G is engraved with laser on a shiny stainless steel. This is why image is so clear, beautiful and high quality.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Photo Charm 647477458 This is a great Italian Charm to own. The Yorkshire Terrier pictured here is masterfully placed onto stainless steel, using a an efficient enamel laying process. This image showcases a gorgeous Yorkshire Terrier with a ultra long, fine, and silky coat. This charm will be of your charm collection admiration and enjoyment.

L laser 951353028 Classic and standard Bold Letter L Laser Italian Charm is made from high quality stainless steel. Letter L is engraved on a link and looks very clear and nice. This charm is one more opportunity to create special and original bracelet.