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Boxer 335195133

Boxer Energetic, Playful, Loyal, Family Oriented. If owners of this fun loving breed were asked to describe a Boxer these are just a few examples that would be used. The Boxer was originally bred for work but also makes an excellent choice when looking for a family pet. If you or anybody you know is a proud owner of this wonderful animal, this cute photo is perfect. more...

Close Up of Golf Ball Next to Hole Photo Charm 928942730 This image attractively shows golf ball just inches away from its goal. The image is set onto stainless steel and covered with a clear resin for extra protection and durability.

Astronaut Laser Charm 264870712 If you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut when you get older, there's no better time to start than now! Pictured here is a line drawing of an astronaut that's laser etched with extreme detail into a steel base.

White Cat Looking Up Photo Charm 997250327 Cats have a very keen sense of sight and especially hearing. This cat looks as if he sees something flying above him. Could it be a bird? A plane? Nah. It's probably just a fly. You know how cats direct their attention to anything that moves. This puffy white cat will always be looking up at you when you add it to your charm bracelet.

Hannah Laser 228112703 Put your name or name of your darling on a bracelet. The Hannah Laser Italian Charm is wonderful gift for all Hannah or great way to show your special Hannah what does he meant to you. The name is engraved with the laser on a high quality stainless steel base. The combination of black and steel looks very classic and wonderful

Kanji Symbol "Green" 59962652 This Kanji Symbol Photo charm is perfect for the unique and elegant bracelet. The symbol means “Green“. This beautiful Kanji Photo Charm is perfect for any Italian charm bracelet. The charm is coated with clear and protective resin. You can, now, add Kanji Symbol to your stainless steel Italian Charms bracelet.