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Holiday Cookie Boxes 793656213

Holiday Cookie Boxes What a nice surprise for someone you love. Two Holiday boxes. The bigger one is full of fresh chocolate chip cookies and the smaller one has delicious chocolate covered raisins (10oz). Don't miss this nice gift. Small (Approx. 4" x 7") Large (Approx. 6" x 9") more...

Morning Coffee and Snack Basket 520836298 What a beautiful golden wire and willow basket with wonderful decorations. It could simply be a present on its own. Imagine when it is full of wonderful treats like Fairwinds Coffee: French Vanilla, Chocolate Truffle, Independence Blend and Irish Cream (2oz ea.). Along with coffee we included a box of Chocolate Tiramisu Cookies (2oz), Deluxe Nuts Snack (5oz) and Lindt Truffles (1,27oz). Such a wonderful selection of treats will make your day from the very morning. (Approx. 8" x 6" x 8")

Well Done Graduation Basket 727168831 Graduation Gift Basket like this is a great way to congratulate somebody on such an important occasion. This basket is full of treats for that special occasion. It has a Calla Lilly stationery set (10 sheets with 5 matching envelopes), a 3x6 pillar scented candle, Berry Bonbons (5oz), White Chocolate Macadamia cookies (2,5oz), a sack of Deluxe Mixed Nuts (5oz), sparkling apple cider (25,4oz), a photo-frame album to keep the memories along with a graduation bear. (Approx. 12" x 11" x 14")

Large Wedding Exclusive 70873080 This wonderfully decorated wedding basket is accented with white and purple flowers. It includes the most exclusive and gourmet treats, as well as beautiful keepsakes. It includes Black Caviar (2oz), J&M Cabernet Wine biscuits (2.75oz), Aged Parmesan Foccacia snack sticks (2oz), Deluxe Nut Mix (5oz), Sweet Cherub Caramel Cookies (5oz), Lindt Truffles (1.27oz), Davidson's French Vanilla Orange Honey Tea (8 tea bags) and a bottle of Swedish Apple Sparkler (25,4oz). As keepsakes we included a calla lily stationery set (10 paper sheets and 5 matching envelopes), a set of 3 white pillar wedding candles with a glass candle holder plate and a photo frame album (2x3) for those special memories. (Approx. 18" x 13.5" x 16")

Deluxe Baby Boy Basket 446527090 This is an ultimate baby gift. It is perfect for a baby shower or just to congratulate new parents. This gift has it all. In addition to lots of baby goodies, this basket includes something for parents too. This natural willow double handle basket contains all of the baby essential: No More Tears Johnson's Baby Shampoo (200ml), Johnson's Baby Lotion (118ml/4oz), 6pc Baby Nail Care Kit, Baby Hooded Towel, Baby Vest, Bib, Hat, Mittens, Baby Key Rattle, Rubber Ducky Sponge, as well as 2''x3'' photo frame album. For the happy new parents we have included a 2''x6'' rectangular pillar scented candle along with a 6'' glass candle holder plate; a set of Tea Rose note cards with matching envelopes by Judith Glover (15 cards & 15 matching envelopes) and a box of Sweet Cherub Caramel Cookies (5oz). Basket is beautifully decorated with a ribbon and includes a new-baby note card. (Approx. 12" x 11" x 13")

Rose Candle Garden 532949678 This stunning red black and white box is full of nine rose scented candles that will make any room smell like a gorgeous garden. The box comes with a rose lid that will complete the unforgettable gift with a red rose charm. (Approx. 8" x 8" 4.5")

Coffee and Tea Party Basket 980317462 This is an amazing set that everybody will love. What a collection of gourmet Davidson's Honey flavor Organic Teas: Meyer Lemon, Bing Cherry with Almond, Spearmint Orange Spice and French Vanilla. Each of 4 packs has 8 tea bags (.91 ea). These teas have a unique blends combining premium herbs, natural flavors and dried honey. They are delicious by themselves, with the honey complimenting the ripe fruit character of each blend. Fairwinds Coffee : Chocolate Truffle, Independence Blend, Irish Cream and French Vanilla (2oz ea.). Ghirardelli Coffee: Chocolate Hazelnut (2oz). We have also included a Pink Peony Tea Cup and Saucer along with Lindt Truffles to compliment your amazing experience. (Approx. 11" x 7" x 11")

Adore You 375032777 A beautiful gift basket called "Adore You". It includes: Truffles (4.5oz), Raspberry Tea Cookies (2oz), Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Coffee (2oz), Blackberry Raspberry Drops (3.8oz), Stationary Set (10 sheets & 5 envelopes), and a cute plush teddy bear. (Approx. 8.5" x 6.75" x )12"

Rage Feeling Basket 4763807 This basket which will give your favorite mood. It include almond rocca, fairwinds coffee, two truffells chocolate and ghirardelli chocolat.

Red Heart Surprise Basket 401801760 This cute white and red heart basket is a perfect romantic gift. It includes Ghirardelli chocolate bar (3oz), Ghirardelli Coffee (2oz), Lindt Truffles (1.27oz) and a red plush Bear as a keepsake. What a sweet gift. (Approx.6" x 6" x9")

Violet Spa and Candle Day Off Basket 165952699 For this awesome gift we have chosen a big double handle round basket that is decorated in the matching colors. This basket can be a beautiful decoration anywhere in the house. It is the gift that keeps giving. It includes Cru de Provence high quality treats: Shower Gel (12oz), Bubble Bath (8oz), Body Scrub (9oz), Body Lotion (6oz), Hand Cream (4oz), Bath Salt (16oz) and Bath Tea (one tub size tea bag). Also, this basket has Peppermint Foot Soak (16oz), Foot Brush, Vanilla Potpourri, white Bath Slippers, Body Brush, matching color Back Scrubber and Bath Mitt. To add some sweet touch to your day-off, we have included Angel Caramel Cookies (5oz) and Sorrento Candy (1oz). And that's not enough, a scented 2x6 rectangular pillar Candle will create an unbelievable aroma around you. Make sure you have the best present this time. (Approx. 18" x 17" x 14")

Italian Summer Basket 344757098 This natural willow double handle basket is full of everything one needs for a beautiful lunch and dinner. All the contents are high quality food products. Basket includes: Heart of Wisconsin Cheese (Old Hickory Flavor, 3oz), Spanish Manzanilla Olives (2oz), Cheese Spread (Brie Flavor, 3.75oz), Foccaccia bread sticks (parmesan flavor, 2oz), Savory Spinach Dip (1.5oz), Bistro dip (0.70oz), Olive oil Cucina chips (1.25oz), Nested Angel Hair Pasta (16oz), Chunky Olive Pasta Sauce (25oz), Heart of Wisconsin grained mustard (1.4oz). This great combination of food products is the essential for home made cooking. (Approx. 12" x 11" x 13")