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Kanji Symbol "Good fortune" 175745024

Kanji Symbol "Good fortune" This Kanji Symbol Photo charm is perfect for the unique and elegant bracelet. The symbol means “Good fortune“. This beautiful Kanji Photo Charm is perfect for any Italian charm bracelet. The charm is coated with clear and protective resin. You can, now, add Kanji Symbol to your stainless steel Italian Charms bracelet. more...

Camper Gold Laser Charm 301851859 This charm will be a great addition to your collection. You'll never forget the amazing details that our high-grade laser-etching technology provides. The gold image of a camper resting on the mountaintop is engraved onto a stainless steel base.

Bedington Terrier 229755407 The Bedinton Terrier is a beautiful, graceful show dog and loves to be pampered. It is mild mannered as well. Take this beautiful dog wherever you go with this marvelous photo charm.

Baseball Bat and Ball Italian Charm 754543128 Don’t miss opportunity to make your bracelet more pretty and individual. Original and colorful Baseball Bat and Ball Italian Charm is great gift for all baseball fans and pros. Charm is painted in purple and black enamels on a shiny stainless steel base. High quality steel link perfectly fits all major brands Italian charms.

Heart The USA Laser 57978197 This simple and nice charm will display all your feels. The words and big heart are laser etched on a stainless steel base. The engraving looks very clear and stays perfectly.

“Puppy Love” Laser Charm 213791601 Shown here is the real meaning of "puppy love". This adorable cartoon dog definitely looks like he has fallen in love. Image is laser etched into a strong high-grade stainless steel base link.

Clown Fish Photo Charm 647656341 Ever since the movie Finding Nemo, people have been going absolutely crazy for clown fish. The clown fish shown here is bright orange with white stripes swimming along the bright green and black ocean floor. Clown fish uniquely live on the ocean floor in the warm waters of the Red Sea, the Pacific Ocean, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Indian Ocean. And now, this adorable fish can live on your Italian charm bracelet. This photo charm is painted with resin and set onto stainless steel for extra shine and superior comfort.

Bouquet of Roses Gold Laser Charm 12944130 Do you want the gift of roses to last more than one week? Well, now it can with this elegant bouquet charm. Watering not necessary.

Orange and White Cat with Head Titled Photo Charm 854252602 It's amazing how extreme cats can tilt their heads. This cute little orange cat's head is almost going at a vertical angle! Photo charm is coated with a clear enamel to improve definition and give the piece a glossy finished look.

Gift box 427488253 Our gorgeous, chic, original and stylish Italian Charms makes prefect gift for everybody!!! Make your gift more beautiful and special. We offer you marvelous and graceful gift box to give final and elegant touch to the gift. White gift box is adorned with wonderful red bow. Combination of classic white and elegant red colors provides refined and classy look to the gift box. The box has soft base for your present protection from damages. Red color tissue completes the original and stylish look of the box. If you want to say something special and personal – use elegant and lovely cards. Card design may vary from time of year and occasion. When you making order, just write down your wish or comment in the Comment Form, and we will print it on card you choose. Your friends and family members will be touched with beautiful and gorgeous preset and warm words.

Green Leaf on Black Background Photo Charm 502102873 This Photo charm displays a delicate green leaf that is complimented by a black background. Take a part of this marvelous image wherever you go with this piece of heaven that is embedded into a charm with a clear coating of enamel.

Dove American Flag Photo Charm 105149822 The dove is a symbol of peace and tranquility. This photo charm is a great way of showcasing your American pride. Layered with enamel, this piece is a timely and precious keepsake.

Tibetan Spaniel Dog Custom Photo Charm 558167828 The Tibetan Spaniel is a perky, happy, very smart, and trusting little companion dog. Shown here, is a gorgeous image of this pet with a golden and white outer coat. If you are the owner of a Tibetan Spaniel, than you know that they are sweet and protective with their family. So, why not showcase your loyalty to your pet with this unique and personalized Italian Charm, where you can add your pet’s name across the top of it. The image is set onto stainless steel, using a glossy resin.

Wife 100106617 Be proud to be happy, loving and loved wife. Marvelous Wife Laser Italian Charm is made from premium and sparkling stainless steel. Word Wife is engraved in elegant script and charm has row of cute and small hearts laser etched on a stainless steel link.