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I Love You 869616345

I Love You This basket is bursting with sweet surprises for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. We’ve chosen a golden wire rectangle basket and filled it with all sorts of chocolate items. It includes: Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares (5.32oz - 12), Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles (5.1oz), Brent’s and Sam Chocolate Chip Pecan (2.5oz), Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Coffee (2oz), Chocolate Pretzel Nuggets (2.9oz), Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares – Milk Chocolate w/ Caramel & Dark Chocolate w/ White Mint (1.3oz), Brockmann’s Raspberry Truffles (1.3oz) and a cute plush teddy bear. (Approx. 11" x 6" x 10") more...

For You 308421638 We present this gift basket for those who like a hot cup of tea with delicious sweets. It includes: orange spice tea, candies, vanilla caramels, tea candy, and caramel pop corn.

Ghirardelli Coffee and Chocolate Basket 166421134 Our rustic style willow basket is beautifully decorated and filled with fine Ghirardelli treats. Coffees include Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Almond, White Chocolate Almond and Chocolate Raspberry flavors (2oz ea.). Chocolates include Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Dark Chocolate and Mint Chocolate (3oz ea.). What a wonderful and sweet surprise for someone you love. (Approx. 9" x 6" x 8")

Morning Snack Gift Basket 669188369 We have chosen this unique willow and rope basket to present you with ideal small morning snack. It has 2 packs (8 tea bags each, 0.91oz ea.) of Davidson's Organic Honey Tea: French Vanilla and Spearmint Orange Spice. Also, if you fill like coffee, we included Ghirardelli Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee. For the quick snack Cabernet Wine Biscuits and Grape Jelly are the perfect pick. And to top everything of --- White Chocolate Macadamia cookies (2,5oz) are a delightful treat. Enjoy your morning snack, even if it is quick. (Approx. 9" Dia x 8")

Early Bird Coffee and Tea Basket 144766198 We present this wonderful gift basket especially for those who love early mornings. This round rustic willow basket is beautifully accented with a red ribbon and filled with a multitude of early morning treats. It has a full collection of Davidson's Organic Honey Teas: Bing Cherry with Almond, French Vanilla, Meyer Lemon and Spearmint Orange Spice (0.91oz ea., ea. box contains 8 tea bags). These teas are totally unique blends combining premium herbs, natural flavors and dried honey. They will make your early morning as easy and relaxed as possible. To compliment these unique blends we have included in this gift a box of Chocolate Tiramisu Cookies (2oz), Chocolate Caramel Ghirardelli Coffee and a Pink Peony Tea Cup with Saucer. Let your mornings be always that joyful. (Approx. 8" Dia x 8" H)

Holiday Deluxe 924466540 This big double handle holiday red and green basket includes the most gourmet and delicious items. It includes Monet Water Crackers (4.4oz), Black Caviar (2oz), Atlantic Smoked Salmon (2oz), J&M wine biscuits (2.75 oz), Fontazzi Confetti Popcorn (5oz), Ghirardelli Coffee (2oz), Irish Breakfast Tea (10 tea bags), Sweet Shop Truffles (4.5oz), Too Good Gourmet Holiday Cookie Box (7oz), a pack of Ghirardelli chocolate squares (4.87oz), a Strawberry Daiquiri Desert Cake (14oz) and three chocolate golden coins. Enjoy this incredible basket. (Approx. 15" x 10" x 15")

Country Style Gourmet Picnic Basket 684980171 This Country Style Picnic Basket is a gorgeous and unique gift. The picnic trunk itself is hand made and has the most unbelievable little details. This basket contains Waterthins cheese twists (classic cheddar flavor, 3.9oz), Fontazzi popcorn (butter crunch flavor, 5oz.),Spanish Manzanilla olives (2oz), Too Good Gourmet Chicken Noodle Soup (4.7oz), Brent & Sam's white chocolate macadamia cookies (2.5oz), J&M Cabernet Wine Biscuits (2.75oz), Santa Barbara salsa mexicana (12oz), berry bonbons (5oz), sorrento candy (1oz), almond roca candy (0.75oz) and Irish Breakfast tea (10 tea bags). (Approx. 13" x 9" x 13")

Lovely in Lavender Wedding Basket (Petite) 419915677 This elegant gift basket is beautifully decorated with lavender daisies and includes coordinating delectable treats. It has Brent’s and Sam White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies (2.5oz), Fairwinds French Vanilla Coffee (2oz), Davidson’s French Vanilla Tea (8 bags), Peony Tea Cup with Matching Saucer, Deluxe Mixed Nuts and 2 Hydrangea Votive Candles. This lovely basket is a perfect gift for a lovely occasion. (Approx. 9" x 7" x 10")

Petite Pot of Gold 367322017 This beautiful gift is a perfect way to let someone know that they’re thought of. We’ve chosen a hand-painted handled pot with lid and saucer to filled will golden delights. It includes; Fairwinds French Vanilla Coffee (2oz), Cinnamon Spiced Almonds (1.5oz) and 7 Milk Chocolate Gold Coins. From letting an employee know that they’re appreciated to thanking someone for giving good advice, this gift will shine in the eyes of its recipient. (Approx. 6.5" Dia x 6.5")