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Red Kitty photo charm 57370787

Red Kitty photo charm A small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft red fur, a short snout, and retractile claws. The charm features the kitty that represents agility in body and spirit and can teach one to develop clearer perceptions. This animal charm is resourceful, strong and fearless. When you are connected with a Cat, magic and mystery come alive. Especially with this photo charm when the picture is very true to life placed on a glittering stainless steel link! more...

I love Coca Cola 15961850 We guarantee- you will enjoy this charm like you are enjoying Coca-Cola. Unique I Love Coca-Cola Italian Charm is nice piece for your charms bracelet. Clear and pretty engraving is made on a high quality stainless steel base.

A 374298861 Elegant and refined Italic Letter A Laser Italian Charm is gorgeous piece for your charms collection. Letter A is engraved with laser on a shiny stainless steel. This is why image is so clear, beautiful and high quality

I blue 3737146 Beautiful blue Letter I Italian Charm. Great addition to your charms collection to make more personal messages and names on your Italian charms bracelet. Glittering stainless steel link will match to any bracelet.

IA State 715411522 This is not just part of USA- it is part of your live. Your favorite state now can take its place on your charms bracelet. Beautiful Iowa State Italian Charm is made from high quality stainless steel. The shape of the IA state is painted in light brown enamel over white, round background. This state can be your home, your favorite vacation place or just place you want to visit. Keep memories about your special place on your bracelet.

Support Our Troops Photo Charm 258412793 This beautiful Italian photo charm is a great way of showing your troops that your support them through this difficult time. It is set into a stainless steel base using a clear enamel coating.

Angel Playing the Flute Black Laser Charm 934667150 If you are an angel lover, this charm would be excellent for you. Charm boasts a black silhouette of a graceful angel playing a long flute. Makes a great addition to a bracelet that is adorned with gracious angels.

Gold Taurus Bull Laser Charm 298542120 Shown here is the Zodiac icon of a bull, which means Taurus. A Taurus by nature is persistent and forceful and born between April 21 and May 21. The sketchy bull design is etched in brilliant, glistening gold into a stainless steel link.