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Deluxe Emergency Preparedness with First Aid for Life 699297121

Deluxe Emergency Preparedness with First Aid for Life Features and Benefits:
Contains items for warmth and signaling, face masks and sanitizer to help prevent the spread of germs, mini first aid kit is included.
Very Practical in size, this kit contains essentials in one convenient package.
Modular design houses the necessary items to have on hand in the event of an emergency.
Kit Contents:
• (1) Emergency Poncho
• (1) Emergency Blanket, 52Gǥ x 84Gǥ
• (2) Hand Warmers
• (1) Mini First Aid Kit includes:
5 Adhesive plastic bandages, -+Gǥ x 3Gǥ
3 Adhesive fabric bandages, -+Gǥ x 3Gǥ
5 Junior adhesive plastic bandages, 3/8Gǥ x 1-1/2Gǥ
1 Fingertip fabric bandage
1 Knuckle fabric bandage
2 Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting-free)
1 Triple antibiotic ointment pack (0.5 g)
• (1) Hand sanitizer
• (1) Light stick
• (2) Face Masks more...

Metal ANSI First Aid Kit, 25 Persons 106467116 Our Genuine ANSI First Aid Kit meets all the correct ANSI 2009 specifications. Designed with an Easy Access Pocket System that makes opening and searching for items much faster and easier than your normal day-to-day kit.
The pockets are clearly labeled and easy to read with large fonts detailing every item inside that specific pocket.
1 Easy Access Pocket System
1 Hard Metal Case
Pocket 1: Small Cuts and Burns
50 Adhesive Plastic Bandages, 1" x 3"
1 Knuckle Fabric Bandages
25 Antiseptic Spot Bandages, 7/8" x 7/8"
1 Fingertip Fabric Bandage
1 Elbow Knee Adhesive Bandage
6 Burn Cream
10 Antiseptic Towelettes
6 Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.5 g
20 Cotton Tipped Applicators
Pocket 2: Medium Cuts and Scratches
10 Antiseptic Towelettes
4 Sterile Gauze Pads, 3" x 3"
2 Sterile Gauze Pads, 4" x 4"
2 Roller Gauze Bandages, 2" x 4.1 yds
1 Roller Gauze Bandage, 3" x 4.1 yds
1 Sterile Eye Pad
1 Sterile Eye Wash 10 ml Twist Top
1 Butterfly Wound Closure, Medium
Pocket 3: Severe Bleeding and Burns
1 First Aid Tape Roll, 1/2" x 5 yds
1 Combine Pad, 5" x 9"
Pocket 4: CPR Breathing Barrier
1 CPR Breathing Barrier
Pocket 5: Protection
4 Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves
1 Instant Cold Compress
20 Alcohol Cleansing Pads
1 Hand Sanitizer, 0.9 g
1 Insect Sting Relief Pad
1 Triangular Bandage, 42" x 42" x 59"
2 Ibuprofen, 200 mg
2 Non Aspirin, 325 mg
2 Aspirin, 325 mg
Pocket 6: Instruments
1 Emergency First Aid Guide
1 Plastic Tweezers
1 Scissors

Adhesive Bandage, Plastic 1" 250 per box 602778626 Our plastic adhesive bandages are ideal for minor cuts, abrasions and puncture wounds. Made with a pliable vinyl, each bandage is ventilated to aid in the natural healing process. To use: remove from package and apply to : H107

Achieva Clear Lens / Frame: Clear with Gray Temple Tips 624322039 Clear Lens:
General purposes for indoor applications that require impact protection.
Offers protection from excessive glare
Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.
100% polycarbonate lenses
Scratch-resistant lenses

Achieva Features:

Innovative, sport style safety spectacle.
Unique rubber temple tips twist around the temples for a stylish and secure fit.
Curved design of lens extends to protect against airborne particles.
Built-in brow guard provides additional protection above the eyes.
Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact Requirements

100 Single Medium Sterile Latex Exam Gloves 357049031 These pre-powdered, acute sensitivity Sterile Latex Exam Gloves provide maximum strength.
Beaded and pre cuffed for easy access.
Singles and pairs are available.
A sterile field is provided with peel open package.

First Aid for Life Kit, 131 pcs 656683320 Support the search for a cure with this practical first aid kit filled with essentials. Perfectly sized for the home, car or office the First Aid for Life First Aid Kit contains supplies for everyday first aid needs as well as additional injury treatment items.
Features and Benefits:
•Pink plastic hard-sided case keeps supplies readily available and neatly stowed.
•Comprehensive kit contains: first aid utilities, medications and antiseptics, additional injury treatment and bandages.
•Kit includes an American Red Cross Emergency First Aid Guide.
Kit Contents:
Medications Antiseptics
(2) Extra-strength non-aspirin tablet
(2) Ibuprofen tablet
(2) Aspirin tablet
(9) Antiseptic cleansing wipe (sting free)
(10) Alcohol cleansing pad
(2) Antibiotic ointment pack, 0.5 g ea.
Injury Treatment
(1) Instant cold compress
(8) Gauze dressing pads, 2" x 2"
(2) Gauze dressing pads, 3" x 3"
(1) Trauma pad, 5" x 9"
(1) Sterile eye pad
(2) Butterfly wound closure
(1) First aid tape roll, 1/2" x 5 yd.
(1) Finger splint, 6" x 3/4"
(50) Adhesive plastic bandage, 3/4" x 3"
(10) Adhesive plastic bandage, 1" x 3"
(5) Junior adhesive plastic bandage, 3/8" x 1-1/2"
(1) Knuckle fabric bandage
(1) Fingertip fabric bandage
(2) Elbow & knee plastic bandage, 2" x 4"
(2) Patch bandages, 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"
First Aid Utilities
(1) American Red Cross Emergency First Aid Guide
(1) Tweezers, plastic
(1) Medium safety pin
(10) Cotton-tipped applicator, 3"
(2) Latex free vinyl gloves

Shell constructed from high density polypropylene materials.
Offers impact and penetration resistance.
Ridgeless low profi le design.
No rain trough - Prevents pooling of liquids.
Ideal for linemen - Meets ANSI Class E Standards.
Soft brow pad absorbs perspiration.
Replacement suspensions are available.
Custom imprinting available on all hard hats.
Meets ANSI Z98.1-2009 Standards, Type I, Class, C, G, and E

Sanizide Plus Wipes, 50 Dispenser Box 480844577 These Sanizide Plus Wipes are ideal for cleaning and destroying bacterial germs.
Sanizide Plus Wipes eliminate TB, MRSA, VRE, E Coli and more in 10 minutes and HIV-1 in 2 minutes.
This alcohol free formula is non-flammable and safe to ship. SaniZide Plus® wipes are ready-to-use, and convenient.
Each wipe includes a powerful substance that terminates N1H1, MRSA, HIV-1, TB, HEP, E. COLI, VRE, AVIAN FLU A, and NOROVIRUS.
Normally used on environmental surface's.

25 Per Box, Panty Liners, Sq End, Adhesive Tab, 4"x11" (21 gr) 505223955 Comfortable Panty Liners to conform and stay attached.
Affordable and comfortable.

15 Oz. Tube, Dyna Shield Skin Protectant Barrier Cream 406615192 Our Dyna Shield Skin Protectant Barrier Cream gets rid of unwanted irrtants such as poison ivy, and rashes.
Includes Aloe Vera for a soothing feeling.

50 Person / OSHA First Aid Kit 892307390 This is 50 Person OSHA First Aid Kit with strong plastic case is ideal for fleet vehicles, contractors, work sites or small companies with up to 50 employees. It meets federal OSHA recommendations and carries 20 critical products including a 6-piece CPR pack and 4 wash.
Kit Includes:
1 - Plastic Box
1 - First aid guide
2 - Exam quality vinyl gloves, 1 pair
1 - Scissors, nickel plated 4-1/2"
1 - Plastic Tweezers, 4"
1 - Eye wash, 4 oz.
1 - CPR Pack: 1 Rescue Breather CPR one-way valve faceshield, 2 large latex gloves, and 3 antiseptic wipes (sting free)
12 - Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free), 18/bx
6 - Triple Antibiotic ointment packs, 10/bx
1 - Insect sting relief pads, 10/bx
Medicine :
1 - Aspirin tablets, (10) 2-pks
2 - 3/4" x 3" Adhesive plastic bandages, 100/bx
2 - Knuckle fabric bandages, 1-1/2"x3"
1 - Triangular sling/bandage, 1/bx
1 - 2"x5 yd. Latex free elastic bandage
2 - 1/2"x10 yd. First aid tape roll
1 - Instant cold compress 1/bx, 4"x5"
1 -32 sq. in. Absorbent gauze compress, 1/bx
Dressings :
2 - 2"x2" Gauze dressing pads, (3) 2-pks
2 - 2"x4.1 gauze roll bandage
1 - 3"x4.1 yd. Conforming gauze roll bandages
1 - Sterile eye pads, 2/bx
Total Pieces:194
Kit Dimensions: 10-3/4"x11-1/4"x3"

25 Person ANSI and OSHA Compliance Package / CPR face shield 62254564 This 25 Person ANSI and OSHA Compliance Packages with CPR face-shield includes: One of 223-AN, and 216-O with CPR one-way valve face-shield.
Addresses four major compliance issues:
Designed to be used in small offices, work sites and vehicles. Sturdy Plastic kits are very easily portable or wall-mountable.
223-AN 105 Piece / 25 Person Bulk Kit
Kit Contents:
20) 1"x3" Fabric bandages
1) 1"x3" Adhesive plastic bandages, 16/bx
3) Knuckle fabric bandages
2) Fingertip fabric bandages
1) Triangular sling/bandage
1) 2"x4.1 yd. Conforming gauze roll bandage
1) 3"x4.1 yd. Conforming gauze roll bandage
6) 3"x3" Gauze dressing pads
3) 4"x4" Gauze dressing pads
1) 5"x9" Trauma pad
2) Sterile eye pads
6) Alcohol cleansing pads
12) Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free)
3) Triple antibiotic ointment packs
6) Insect sting relief pads
6) First aid/burn cream, 3.5 gm packs
1) Eye wash, 4 oz.
1) 4"x5" Instant cold compress
6) Aspirin tablets, (3) 2-packs
1)1"x5 yd. First aid tape roll
1) 4" Kit scissors, red handle
1) 4" Tweezers, plastic
4) Exam quality gloves, 2 pair
1) First aid guide
216-O 30 Piece, Blood-borne Pathogen / Personal Protection Kit, with 6 pc CPR Pack. This kit Meets all of the federal OSHA regulations 26 CFR 1910.1030 (d) (3) (i).
Kit Contents:
3) Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free)
1) Disposable gown w/full sleeves
1) Disposable bonnet
2) Disposable shoe covers
1) Eye shield with ear loop mask
1) Fluid control solidified pack, 21 gm.
1) 8" Bio-hazard scoop
2) 24"x24" Bio-hazard bags, 10 gallon capacity
2) 8"x12" Clear plastic bags
2) Twist ties
3) Disposable clean-up towels
2) 5"x8" Germicidal (kills germs) wipes, covers 7.5 sq. ft.
1) CPR Pack: 1 CPR one-way valve face-shield, 2 exam quality vinyl gloves, and 3 antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free), all latex free
2) Exam quality vinyl gloves, 1 pair
1) Bodily fluid pick-up guide

ULTRA EMS BAG 245578053 With the 8 compartments, extra pockets and strapping, everything stays in its place and organized. This bag even has an additional pocket on each end for extra storage. Two removable zippered pouches with transparent window are attached to the top flap with Velcro. This bag is made with 600D durable nylon with a reflective white stripe all the way around the bag for high visibility at night. The bottom has feet to protect from wear and tear, and it comes with padded nylon duffel handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. The water-resistant nylon is easy to clean.
Colors: Red with white reflective stripe.

Dimensions: 17”X16”X25”.
Weight: 5 lbs.
SKU: KMP10110