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QTEST 12 Panel Drug testing Cup 64808423

QTEST 12 Panel Drug testing Cup 12 panel drug test for illegal substances of abuse.
The determination of how long drug metabolites remain in the human system has no fixed basis. Variables such as weight, percentage of body fat, metabolism, frequency, dosage and duration of drug use affect drug detection period.
This is very important, that list of drugs detectable and recognizable with our new drug test cup includes the OXY – Oxycodone test:
Amphetamine cut-off level 1000ng/ml
Barbiturate cut-off level 300 ng/ml
Benzodiazepines cut-off level 300 ng/ml
Cocaine cut-off level 300 ng/ml
Marijuana cut-off level 50 ng/ml
Methadone cut-off level 300 ng/ml
Methamphetamine cut-off level 1000 ng/ml
Opiates cut-off level 300 ng/ml
Oxycodone cut-off level 100 ng/ml
Phencyclidine cut-off level 25 ng/ml
Propoxyphene cut-off level 300 ng/ml
Tricyclic Antidepressant cut-off level 1000 ng/ml 1 - 9 Tests $12.95 ea. 10-24 Tests $10.97 ea. 25+   Tests $9.95 ea.
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5 Panel Multi Drug Urine Test Kit (THC/COC/MET/OPI/AMP) 701532218 The Multi Drug 5-Panel Drug Test Kit Urine is perhaps one of the best at home multi-drug test kit, whether you are testing yourself or somebody you are concerned about. It is very easy to use and extremely accurate and quick multi drug test kit. That 5-Panel Drug test kit cover most common illegal drugs as: THC (marijuana), Cocaine (Crack), Methamphetamine (Ecstasy), Amphetamine, Opiates (Morphine) and PCP (Angel Dust). 1 - 9 Tests $5.50 ea. 10 - 24 Tests $5.15 ea. 25+   Tests $4.95 ea.
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Dipstrip LH Ovulation Urine Test 828800046 The One Step Urine Ovulation LH Test will help you find the time when you are most able to become pregnant. It can help you plan your this home test works:The One Step ovulation test will help you find the time when you are most able to become pregnant. It can help you plan your pregnancy. Luteinizing hormone(LH) is always present in human urine. It increases just before a woman most fertile day of the month. This LH increase triggers ovulation. During ovulation an egg is released from the ovary. Because the egg can be fertilized only 12 to 36 hours after ovulation, detecting ovulation in advance is very may do this test at any time of the day, but you should test at approximately the same time each day. Reduce your liquid intake for 2 hours before testing. To decide when to begin testing, determine the length of your normal menstrual cycle. The length of your cycle is from the beginning of one period to the beginning of the next (count the first day of bleeding or spotting as day 1). If your cycle length is irregular, that is, if it varies by more than a few days each month, take the average number of days for the last 3 months. Use the chart to work out the day you should begin testing. The day you begin testing is listed opposite the number of days in your normal product is recommended for a professional use. 1-9 Tests $0.70 ea. 10-24 Tests $0.60 ea. 25+   Tests $0.49 ea.
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Drug Detection Spray Kit for THC/COC/METH/OPI (20 tests) 601757113 This product only can be shipped in US only
Non-Invazive Detection and identification of most common illegal drugs Accurate and will not make your suspect feel uncomfortable with a drug testing procedure Inexpensive - One drug test assay cost less than $1.36 Easy to use and do not have to come in contact with urine, saliva etc Safe and Sensitive drug test procedure Our family of patented drug detection and identification products provide law enforcement officers and investigatorsdistinct advantages for field and laboratory use. "On the spot"reaction ensures a testing process that is convenient, fast and efficient. No glass ampoules, spatulas or waiting period required. Results appear in seconds. No additional tools or equipment required. The identification/detection processrequires no special training. Our products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and environmentally Detection contain detection kits for: THC/COC/METH/OPI. Each kit contains the sprays and the collection papers, in a convenient plastic carry case.

9 Panel Drug Urine Test 590265792 Urine Multi Drug 9 Panel drug Test is an forensic, all inclusive, point of use screening test for the rapid detection of 11-nor- delta 9 -Tetrahydrocannabinol -9- carboxylic acid (THC/Marijuana), Cocaine and its metabolite, Benzoylecgonine, PCP (Phencyclidine), Morphine and its related metabolites derived from Opium (opiates), Methamphetamines (including Ecstasy), Methadone,PCP(Angel Dust, Amphetamines, Barbiturates and Benzodiazepines in human urine at or above the system concentrations levels established as standard minimums by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the World Health Organization (WHO) and SAMHSA as shown in the chart to the right. Note system cut-off concentrations are expressed in nanograms per milliliter. 1 - 9 Tests $6.80 ea. 10 - 24 Tests $6.50 ea. 25+   Tests $6.15ea.
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K Cup Drug Testing Cup 5 Panel 924330099 KCup is a 5 Panel Integrated Drug Test Cup.
Once the sample is provided, the operator determines when the testing begins. Perfect for collection where the testing parameters need to be controlled.
•FDA 510K
•5-10 Panels
•Built in Temperature Strip
•Testing begins when the operator turns the included key
This cup tests for COC/THC/OPI/AMP/mAMP 1-9 Tests $5.99 ea. 10-24 Tests $5.40 ea. 25+   Tests $4.92 ea.
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Adulteration Urine Drug Test 328936604 UrineCheck 6 is based on detection methods that can identify the presence of additives, adulterants and masking agents that are added to urine. UrineCheck 6 Drug Adulteration Test Strip: Creatinine: Testing for sample dilution. In this assay, creatinine reacts with a creatinine indicator under alkaline conditions to form a purplish-brown color complex. The concentration of creatinine is directly proportional to the color intensity of the test : Testing for the presence of exogenous aldehyde. In this assay, the aldehyde group on the glutaraldehyde reacts with an indicator to form a pink color : Testing for the presence of exogenous nitrite. Nitrite reacts with an aromatic amine to form a diazonium compound in an acid medium. The diazonium compound, in turn, couples with an indicator to produce a pink-red colorOxidants: Testing for the presence of oxidizing reagents. In this reaction, a color indicator reacts with oxidants such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide or pyridinium chlorochromate to form a blue color complex. Other colors may indicate the presence of other : Testing for the presence of acidic or alkaline adulterant. This test is based on the well-known double pH indicator method that gives distinguishable colors over a wide pH range. The colors range from orange (low pH) to yellow and green to blue (high pH). Specific Gravity: Testing for sample dilution. This test is based on the apparent pKa change of certain pretreated polyelectrolytes in relation to the ionic concentration. In the presence of an indicator, the colors range from dark blue or blue-green in urine of low ionic concentration to green and yellow in urine of higher ionic concentration

Extended Opiates Hair Drug Test 210498432 Extended Opiates Hair drugs testing are able to detect Hydrocodone (Vicodin and Lortab), Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), and Oxycodone (Percocet/Percodan). Abuse of Carisoprodol (Soma) and Hydrocodone (Vicodin) at the same time can cause the Opiates to be very high. As a regular Hair Follicle Drugs of Abuse test, extented opiates test uses Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) to confirm if tested positive through the screening cutoffs. Laboratory drug testing results are valid for Pre-Employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion/Cause, or Personal Testing purposes. 1 - 5 Tests $84.50 ea. 5 - 10 Tests $79.80 ea. 25+   Tests $78.50 ea.
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AlcoMate Prestige AL 6000 Full Kit 118515886 AlcoMate Prestige (AL6000) Breathalyzer detects blood alcohol concentration for personal or business use.
This is full kit that includes :
The Prestige Installed Sensor
Field Carrying Case
Protective Pouch
5 Mouthpieces
Hand Strap
User's Guide
Retail Box

K Cup Drug Test Cup for 10 Drugs of Abuse 993641743 K Cup Drug Test Cup for 10 Drugs of Abuse:
Methamphetamines (MET) Amphetamines,Methamphetamines and MDMA
Barbiturates (BAR) Barbitals
Benzodiazepines (BZO) Diazepam, Oxazepam and more similar pills
Buprenorphine (BUP) Suboxone, Subutex
Cocaine (COC) – Cocaine, Crack
Cannabinoids (THC) Marijuana, Hashish
Methadone (MTD) Methadone and similar
Opiate (OPI 2000) Morphine, Heroin
Oxycodone (OXY) Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone
Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) Nortryptiline, Desipramine and Protryptiline 1-9 Tests $9.50 ea. 10-24 Tests $9.00 ea. 25+   Tests $8.75 ea.
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Alcohol Saliva Test DOT Approved 659494300 The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has determined that individuals with a commercial drivers license and those in safety sensitive occupations must not exceed the "zero tolerance" level (alcohol concentrations above 0.02%). 1-9 Tests $2.95 ea. 10-24 Tests $2.50 ea. 25+   Tests $2.39 ea.
The shopping cart will adjust with quantityBeginning in 1996, all transportation and safety sensitive employers will be required to comply with the DOT's alcohol testing Alcohol Saliva test is the simplest, most cost effective method of monitoring for alcohol consumption in your ZERO TOLERANCE testing program. This Alcohol Saliva test is so effective that it has been tested and approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for required testing of all transportation and safety sensitive employees for blood alcohol concentrations above the federally mandated zero tolerance level of 0.02%.As the concentration of alcohol in saliva is very close to that in the blood, for that reason Alcohol Saliva test is more accurate than the other types of tests. It identifies the alcohol levels greater than 0.02% and works in a clean, non-invasive manner and provides results in 4 minutes. Alcohol Saliva test can be used at any time, anywhere in their individual and disposable package. Simply wet the test pad with your saliva, and get results in 4 minutes. No need for laboratory test kit is packaged individually in a sterile pouch test is for forensic use onlyThe designation of "for forensic use only" means that the substance abuse test is not FDA 510k Cleared. These types of tests are successfully used by law enforcement, correction and probation sure to be legal and if you need to have FDA 510K cleared status, buy the following:Alcohol Breathalyzer AlcoMate CA2000All urine drug testing kits (except QTEST-12 urine drugs screen cup) AlcoHawk BreathalyzerNote: FDA 510k Clearance by itself does not make legal substance abuse testing procedure. Anyway, in case you get a positive test result with any instant drug testing devices, you need to confirm it with accredited. Additionally, make sure that you fill-out properly the Chain of Custody Form.

Adulteration Tests 25 in Cannister 240792413 Tests for 7 parameters on six pads
25 tests in Cannister.
Will detect adultartion of following:
Nitrite tests for commonly used commercial adulterants such as Klear or Whizzies. They work by oxidizing the major cannabinoid metabolite THC-COOH.9 Normal urine should contain no trace of nitrite. Positive results generally indicate the presence of an adulterant.
Creatinine is a waste product of creatine (an amino-acid contained in muscle tissue), is a normal constituent of human urine. In specimen validity testing, creatinine is used as a marker for dilution. Specimen dilution can be either in vivo (the donor drank excessive volumes of liquids) or in vitro (liquid was added to the urine after collection) and represent the most common form of specimen tampering. In vivo dilution using diuretics is often referred to as “flushing.” Creatinine and specific gravity are often interpreted simultaneously as indicators for dilution. Low Creatinine and low specific gravity levels indicate dilute urine.
Glutaraldehyde is a chemical compound that, when used as an adulterant, is believed to inactivate the enzyme used in the EMIT automated drug screening reagent. Although it is not believed to produce false negative results on a lateral flow test, commercial adulteration agents UrinAid and Clear Choice still contain Glutaraldehyde. Glutaraldehyde is not normally in urine so detection of the compound is generally an indication of adulteration.
pH tests for the presence of acidic or alkaline adulterants in urine. Normal urine pH levels should be in the range of 4.0 to 9.0. Values outside of this range may indicate the sample has been adulterated.
Specific Gravity tests for the “viscosity” of the urine sample. The SG range for normal human urine is from 1.003 to 1.030. Values outside this range should be considered abnormal and may indicate specimen tampering.
Oxidant/PCC tests for the presence of oxidizing reagents such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC). Like nitrites, oxidants work to modify the structure of the target drugs in urine (like THCCOOH). Many commercial adulterants contain oxidants or PCC. Examples include UrineLuck (PCC) and Stealth (peroxidase). Normal urine should contain no trace of oxidants/PCC. Nitrites are a class of chemicals not usually found in normal human urine. Commercial adulterants Klear and Whizzies use nitrites as their primary active ingredient. Nitrites work by oxidizing the major cannabinoid metabolite (THCCOOH). The intent of oxidizing THC-COOH is to render it undetectable by the immunoassay or confirmation methods. Recent research suggests that performing the immunoassay drug screen shortly after the urine collection limits the effectiveness of the nitrite since the chemical needs time to modify the THC-COOH compound. By the time a positive sample arrives to the lab for confirmation, however, the THC-COOH has often been destroyed. Normal human urine should contain no trace of nitrites and, as such, presence of nitrites in urine generally indicates the use of an adulterant.

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