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Egyptian Flag 368941393

Egyptian Flag Shown here is the national flag of Egypt. The flag consists of three colors: red, white, and black. In the middle of the flag boasts a gold eagle symbol. This photo charm is a must have for anyone you know who came from an Egyptian descent or has recently visited this magnificent country. more...

T laser 13mm 630685181 Absolutely wonderful Italian charm to make original bracelet. Your creativity and beautiful Letter T 13mm Laser Italian Charm together can create unrepeatable and unique charms bracelet. Your name, credo, sweet words or name of your darling now can be made from 13mm links. This perfect charm is very clear and quality. The letter is engraved with a laser on a steel link. Shiny stainless steel base is great contrast with classy black engraving color.

God Italian Charm 564376200 Beautiful and classic God Italian Charm for all true believers. God is written in gold enamel over navy blue background. This is very classic and clear charm for your collection.

September Football Laser Charm 207278187 When people think of September, they think of the good old pigskin season! This is why the abbreviation for September is topped off with a football. The deep bold black SEPT fills up the whole charm, while the white football crosses across the month, creating a nice black and white contrast. Image is laser etched into a stainless steel base.

Green Lady Hat 817156538 Green Lady Hat shows classic design that will never go out of style. The charm features green hat that is accented with a red ribbon along its eaves. The image is outlined with gold enamel and set upon a shiny support. The link is made from nickel-free stainless steel and easily hooks with all our 9 mm Italian charms. Suit this classic style with our Dress Italian charm; don't save on shoes in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Polka Dot Necktie Laser Charm 101752261 Remember Christmas time and your aunt would get you a polka dot tie? Well, I bet you weren't too happy about that and you were probably expecting a B-B Gun or a remote controlled car! Anyway, to remember those ruined Christmas' here's a charm for that special occasion.

Border Collie Dog Custom Photo Charm 103397968 The Border Collie is a very intelligent and responsive dog. It excels at obedience, agility and Frisbee. And, shown here is a black and white Border Collie with a name of your choice above it. This Photo Charm is a unique way of showing you pet how much you care. The image is set onto stainless steel and painted with a glossy and highly refined resin.
Note: Please provide custom information in the Comments section, located between billing and shipping information when ordering.

Albanian Flag 74792185 The image featured here is the national flag of Albania. It is easily distinguished by its deep red background and a double-headed black eagle in the middle.

Green Cell Phone Enamel Charm 722883275 Now you can always stay in touch with this adorable Italian charm featuring a cellular phone. The cell phone is painted in green enamel on a first grade stainless steel base. This charm is great piece for you to add to your Italian charms collection.

Capricorn the Goat Gold Laser Charm 189251218 Pictured here is a gold engraving of a goat, which is the Zodiac for the Capricorn. Capricorns by nature are patient and careful, but at times can be pessimistic and touchy. The word CAPRICORN is written below it and image and word are laser engraved into a stainless steel base link.

Welcoming Santa 703874779 This Welcoming Santa greets everyone for his Christmas time in the year! The image is rendered on a premium stainless steel base and painted in traditional red and white colors outlined with gold enamel. The link is fixed to a medium size and will go well with other 9 mm Christmas Italian charms from our collection. Blend Purple Snowman and Jingle Bells with Ribbon together to make your Santa smile while attached to your bracelet.