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Eeyore Laser 984392262

Eeyore Laser Eeyore is a very intelligent animal, although he keeps most of his knowledge to himself. That's why he is very quiet most of the time and a bit depressed. Now you can have this cute creature on your bracelet adding Eeyore Italian Charm. The Eeyore head is laser etched on a premium stainless steel base and looks nice and clear. This wonderful charm is great gift for all kids or everybody who loves cartoons. more...

Decorative Heart Shaped Wreath Laser Charm 6980578 Beautiful heart shaped wreath makes any bracelet attract much attention. Cute and highly detailed wreath is laser inscribed into a strong, stainless steel based link.

Jesus Saves 447403601 Share your faith with everybody. Add this adorable Jesus Saves Laser Italian charm to your bracelet to show to the world how much you believe. Perfect clear engraving makes this charm amazing.

I Voted for Bush 339939409 Show your support for our fearless, consecutive two-term president, George W. Bush with this laser charm. These prominent and strong words are etched into the stainless steel backing, so they will never come off. Remember, your vote DOES count.

New York Skyline Landmark Photo Charm 270858852 A gorgeous and clear photograph of New York’s skyline before the attacks of September 11th is shown on this Italian charm. At the bottom of this charm in a faded white and black outline is “New York”.

Germany Flag 984577749 Here we have the national flag of Germany. The main staple in Germany is their sausages and love of beer. The colors of the German flag are easily recognized, by its deep oranges and yellow hues contrasted by the black stripe on top.

Sailing Boat Sterling Silver Italian Charm 518720232 Marvelous dangle Sailing Boat is made from 925 sterling silver and based on a high quality stainless steel link. This gorgeous charm will be great nice gift for all sailing fans.