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I Love Irish 636509373

I Love Irish Display your feelings on your bracelet. This beautiful charm is made especially for Irish. Great I Love Irish Italian Charm is very beautiful piece. Words, little heart and traditional Irish Shamrock are engraved with laser on a high quality stainless steel base. Black engraving and shiny steel look perfectly together and provide expressive and beautiful look. more...

I (Heart) Piano Laser Charm 247640634 The piano, if played properly, is a beautifully sounding instrument. This charm features the phrase I Love and then a silhouette of a Piano laser etched into a strong, shimmering, stainless steel based link.

October Leaves Laser Charm 960536839 Here we have the abbreviation for October topped off with some leaves. The word OCT fills up the whole charm and creates a nice black and white contrast between that and the leaves. Image is laser engraved into a stainless steel base link.

Puffy White and Brown Photo Charm 835067399 Cats come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Some are hairless, and some..well..have a little too much hair! A perfect example is this puffy cat in the picture! I'm sure he'll never get cold in the winter, but what about in the summer? I bet he's burning up in there. Anyway, if your cat looks like this, add this cute cat photo charm to your bracelet.

N laser 953528572 Classic and standard Bold Letter N Laser Italian Charm is made from high quality stainless steel. Letter N is engraved on a link and looks very clear and nice. This charm is one more opportunity to create special and original bracelet.

Roger Laser 73801297 Put your name or name of your darling on a bracelet. The Roger Laser Italian Charm is wonderful gift for all Roger or great way to show your special Roger what does he meant to you. The name is engraved with the laser on a high quality stainless steel base. The combination of black and steel looks very classic and wonderful

Ontario, Canada Flag Photo Charm 36813942 The flag of Ontario, Canada, shown here on an exquisite Italian Charm, closely resembles the Canadian Red Ensign. It has The Union jack that is in the upper quarter near the staff and the shield of arms , while the province is centered in the half farthest from the staff. This makes a wonderful charm to own.

Kanji Symbol "Submission" 459911577 This Kanji Symbol Photo charm is perfect for the unique and elegant bracelet. The symbol means “Submission“. This beautiful Kanji Photo Charm is perfect for any Italian charm bracelet. The charm is coated with clear and protective resin. You can, now, add Kanji Symbol to your stainless steel Italian Charms bracelet.

Red Tropic Flower 290893745 This Italian charm stands for elegant chic and finesse. Deep red enamel and gold toned casing show comprise a glamorous Red Tropic Flower underlining the beauty of nature presented on a shimmering stainless steel support. The link is affordable in medium size and compatible with 9 mm Italian charms. Blend together Pink and Tropical flowers to create a fantasy garden on your bracelet.