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Red Hat with Yellow Flowers Enamel Charm 900551003

Red Hat with Yellow Flowers Enamel Charm This red hat is adorably fashioned with beautiful yellow flowers. This image is made from precious enamel that is set onto stainless steel. The contrasting colors of the yellow, red, and stainless steel go wonderful together and produce a magnificent more...

H blue 144478441 High quality Letter H Italian Charm on a shiny stainless steel link. Set this charm on your bracelet to make it more personal. Sparkling steel and bright, brilliant blue color make a grate contrast.

Independence Day Memorial Laser Charm 950033378 Shown here is the perfect charm to be worn on the Fourth of July. Its high precision festive colors make for nice contrast as it is laser engraved into a stainless steel base link.

Angelic Figure Laser Charm 988230163 If you love angels, you will absolutely adore this delicately prepared charm. The precise handling of the laser-inscriber gives this piece a unique look and finish. It is made form a quality stainless steel, to ensure the sheer brilliance of your product.

White Flower and Pink Heart Enamel Charm 859646916 Love flowers? Well, who doesn’t. And now, you can add the love flowers to your Italian charm with this uniquely made Italian charm. This image of a white flower in front of a glittering purple heart background is beautifully made by delicate enamel. It is set onto stainless steel and provides a beautiful contrast of colors. It is a must have.

Appaloosa Stallion Horse Photo Italian Charm 647432739 Cave drawings in France, dating back as far as 20,000 years ago, show spotted appaloosa horses as throughout history, Appaloosas have been known for their unique appearance. The picture of a beautiful and gracious horse is real and fixed onto the face of a medium sized link. The charm is made from stainless steel and is compatible with all 9 mm enamel, laser and photo Italian charms.

Kanji Symbol "Police dog" 103610378 This Kanji Symbol Photo charm is perfect for the unique and elegant bracelet. The symbol means “Police dog“. This beautiful Kanji Photo Charm is perfect for any Italian charm bracelet. The charm is coated with clear and protective resin. You can, now, add Kanji Symbol to your stainless steel Italian Charms bracelet.

White and Brown Butterfly 536087394 Gorgeous and elegant charm for spring mood!!! Wonderful and pretty White and Brown Butterfly Italian Charm is great choice for any charms collection. The butterfly is painted in white and brown enamel, which makes it look very elegant and pretty. This charm is made from best quality stainless steel that makes perfect shiny background for the butterfly.

Indian Eagle Gold Laser Charm 5360235 This amazing charm features a sparkling gold etched eagle, which is laser inscribed into a stainless steel base link. Our high-resolution laser technology ensures the best quality. Its delicate details will captivate you.