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Silver Mirror Lens: Commonly used where it is required to move between indoor applications to outdoor applications.
Offers protection from excessive glare.
Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.
100% polycarbonate lenses
Scratch-resistant lenses
Solara Features: Straight back temples with rubber insert provides comfort fit.
Built in nose pads elevate frame for precision fit and weightless wear
Extended lens provides complete coverage
Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact Requirements more...

N/S Clean Wrap, Stretch Gauze Bandage, 4" 308352791 These Stretch Gauze Bandages have a special design specifically designed to apply the correct amount of compression with no constriction.
Stretches and conforms to all types of body figures.
Packaged securely in dispenser box.

100+ Person, Food Service Industry Cabinet with out pain relief Medication Plastic, FAO Managed Re 460043156 This 100 Person, food service kit is ideal for restaurants, deli's, or any food service establishment. Pain Medication is not included in this kit. The swing-out door and easy-to-carry handle add extra convenience. This unique cabinet design eliminates disorganized and missing supplies. Clearly labeled compartments create a cabinet that is easy to use and restock. With the expansion pocket, you can customize your cabinet to meet your specific needs.

Kit Contents:
(1) Elastic Bandage Wrap, 2" x 5yd.
(2) Visible Blue Bandage, 1" x 3"
(1) Knuckle Visible Blue Bandage
(1) Fingertip Visible Blue Bandage
(1) Triangular Sling/Bandage, 40" x 40" x 56"
(1) Bandage Protectant/Finger Cot
(10) Gauze Dressing Pad, 2" x 2"
(1) Confroming Gauze Roll, 2"
(10) Gauze Dressing Pad, 3" x 3"
(1) Confroming Gauze Roll, 3"
(1) Trauma Pad, 5" x 9"
(1) Cloth First Aid Tape, 1" x 5yd.
(1) Alcohol Cleansing Pad
(2) Antiseptic Cleansing Wipe (sting free)
(1) Burn Relif, 3.5 grams
(1) First Aid/Burn Cream
(1) Antibiotic Ointment
(1) First Aid Tape, 1/2" x 10yd.
(1) Scissors
(1) Eye Wash, 1oz.
(1) Moleskin (blister prevention), 2"
(1) First Aid Guide
(1) Exam-Quality Vinyl Gloves
(1) Stainless Steel Tweezers
(1) CPR Face Shield and Vinyl Gloves Set

Biohazard Bag 500 per case 761739876 Red liners, low density are perfect for institutions with a bilingual staff: printed with the universal biohazard symbol and "Infectious Waste" in English and Spanish. High performance, super strong X-Seal Bag is designed without gussets. Bag conforms to container's shape and distributes the weight of the refuse evenly around the bag. Helps eliminate leakage problems. Latex free. 24"x24", 1.2 mil, 10 gallon capacity.
SKU: M904

303 Piece All Purpose Soft Side First Aid Kit 726872501 Our All Purpose Soft Sided First Aid Kit meets all the correct ANSI 2009 specifications. Designed with an Easy Access Pocket System that makes opening and searching for items much faster and easier than your normal day-to-day kit.
The pockets are clearly labeled and easy to read with large fonts detailing every item inside that specific pocket.
Carrying Case
1 - Soft-sided Bag
1 - Easy Access Pocket System
Small Cuts & Burns
50 - Adhesive Plastic Bandages 3/4" x 3"
95 - Junior Adhesive Plastic Bandages 3/8" x 1-1/2"
17 - Adhesive Plastic Bandages 1" x 3"
3 - Knuckle Fabric Bandages
50 - Adhesive Spot Bandages 7/8"x7/8"
3 - Fingertip Fabric Bandages
1 - Elbow/Knee Adhesive Bandage
1 - Burn Cream
8 - Antiseptic Towelettes
2 - Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.9 g
4 - Sterile Gauze Pads 2"x2"
20 - Cotton Tipped Applicators
Medium Cuts & Scratches
8 - Antiseptic Towelette
3 - Sterile Dressing pads, 2" x 2"
3 - Pressure Bandage 2"x2"
1 - Pressure Bandage 3"x3"
2 - Sterile Eye Pad
1 - Butterfly Wound Closures
1 - Sterile eye wash, 10 ml
1 - Butterfly Wound Closures
Severe Bleeding & Burns
1 - First Aid Tape Roll 1/2" x 2.5 yds.
1 - Blood Stopper Dressing
1 - CPR Breathing Barrier
2 - Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves
1 - Instant cold compress
5 - Alcohol Cleansing Pads
1 - Insect Sting Relief Pad
1 - Emergency Blanket, 38" x 60"
2 - Chewable Aspirin Tablets
1 - Triangular Bandage 42" x 42" x 59"
1 - Emergency First Aid Guide
1 - Plastic Tweezers
1 - Scissors
6 - Assorted Safety Pins
2 - Wooden Finger Splints

Fingertip Bandage, Fabric 40 per box 118063759 Our specially shaped fingertip bandage is made of a flexible fabric designed to stretch when you stretch while strong adhesive holds the bandage firmly in place. Each is contained in an individually sterilized package, which greatly reduces the possibility of infection. To use: remove from package and apply to wound.
SKU: G126

Hard Hat Features:
Shell constructed from High Density Polyethylene materials
Low Profile design
Rain trough on sides and back of helmet channel moisture away.
Universal accessory slots fit cap mounted ear muffs and chin straps.
Ratchet suspension is easy to adjust and allows the wearer to modify the fit while wearing hard hats.
Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Standards, Type I, Class C, G, and E
CSA Z94.1-05
Soft brow pad is replaceable and washable
Replacement suspensions and headbands available.

9 oz. Plastic Drinking Cups, 100 Per Case 807684160 Our plastic drinking cups are designed with a clear and flexible virgin plastic material that's durable and lightweight.
Ribbed in the center for easier and safer handling.

Antiseptic Cleansing Wipe, Sting Free 10 per box 25325513 These antiseptic cleansing wipes, with the active ingredient benzalkonium chloride 0.40%, are ideal for cleansing wounds when alcohol is inadvisable. Their single-use design eliminates the worry of cross contamination. Wipe measures 4-3/4"x7-3/4". Wipes are sterile unless package is opened or damaged. This item meets ANSI Z308.1-2003 standards.
SKU: AN337

Kitchen Zip Bag 151109053 Kit Includes:
(5) Plastic Adhesive, 3/4" x 3" (1.9cm x 7.6cm)
(1) Plastic Adhesive, 1" x 3" (2.5cm x 7.6cm)
(2) Fabric Adhesive, 3/4" x 3" (1.9cm x 7.6cm)
(1) Fabric Knuckle
(1) Fabric Fingertip
(1) Butterfly Wound Closure, 3/8" x 1-13/16" (0.95cm x 4.6cm)
(2) Gauze Pads, 2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm), 2/pk
(2) Gauze Pads, 3" x 3" (7.5cm x 7.5cm), 2/pk
(1) Conforming Gauze Roll, 2" (5.1cm)
(1) First Aid Tape, 1/2" x 5 yd. (1.3cm x 4.6m)
(3) BZK Antiseptic Towelettes
(1) Burn Relief, 1/8 oz. (3.5g)
(2) First Aid/Burn Creams, 1/32 oz. (0.9g)
(2) Antibiotic Ointments, 1/32 oz. (0.9g)
(1) Hand Sanitizer, 1/32 oz. (0.9g)
(2) Extra-strength Non-Aspirin Tablets, 2/pk
(2) Ibuprofen Tablets, 2/pk
(1) First Aid Guide

Sterile Burn Dressings:
Two 2" x 6"
Two 4" x 4"
Six 3.5 gm Unit Dose Packets of Burn Jel (contains Lidocaine)
One roll of 3" sterile gauze
Case Pack: 5 stations
Case Weight: 5.92 lbs.
Case Dimensions: 15.5in. W x 8.75in. H x 9.25in. D
Unit Dimensions: 14.875in. W x 8.5in. H x 1.5in. D
Individual Unit: 1.04 lbs.
Cool Jel replaces Burn Jel. Cool Jel does not contain Lidocaine. All other contents remain the same.