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2 oz. Sanizide Plus 825607095

2 oz. Sanizide Plus The SaniZide Plus® is ideal for disinfecting, and eliminating germs from environmental surfaces.
EPA registered and quaternary ammonium compound.
Kills viruses such as N1H1, MRSA, HIV-1, TB, HEP, E. COLI, VRE, AVIAN FLU A, and NOROVIRUS.
SaniZide Plus® meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard regulations.
Usage on: Walls, metal surfaces, stainless steel surfaces, tile, plastic surfaces, floors, showerstalls, bathtubs, cabinets, or anywhere where disinfectants can be treated. more...

Red Cross, 10 Person, Deluxe Personal First Aid Kit 329243505 This 10 Person, First Aid kit is BIGGER and includes more content than a regular personal first aid kit! Deluxe Personal First Aid Kit contains essential items to help you be prepared for minor injuries. This kit contains 66 latex-free pieces to treat cuts, scrapes and minor pain. Its convenient carrying case makes it perfect for the home, office and car.
Kit Contents Include:
(3) Patch plastic bandage, 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"
(10) Adhesive plastic bandage, 1" x 3"
(20) Adhesive plastic bandage, 3/4" x 3"
(5) Junior plastic bandages, 3/8" x 1/2"
(1) Knuckle fabric bandage
(1) Fingertip fabric bandage
(2) Elbow and knee plastic bandage, 2" x 4"
(4) Gauze dressing pad, 3" x 3"
(1) Conforming gauze roll bandage, 3"
(1) Trauma pad, 5" x 9"
(1) Cloth first aid tape roll, 1" x 5 yd.
(4) Antiseptic cleansing wipe (sting free)
(2) Chewable aspirin tablet, 81 mg ea.
(2) Triple antibiotic ointment pack, 0.5 g ea.
(1) Hydrocortisone cream pack, 0.9 g ea.
(2) Hand sanitizer pack, 0.9 g ea.
(1) First aid tape roll, 1/2" x 10 yd.
(1) Scissors
(1) Tweezers
(1) American Red Cross First Aid Guide
(1) American Red Cross First Aid Kit Card
(2) Latex free vinyl gloves
(1) Modular pack

Antiseptic Pump Spay, 3 oz. 795954830 Fight germs and pain simultaneously with our greaseless antiseptic spray in a pump. Offers relief from minor burns, cuts, scrapes and insect bites by soothing and numbing the area while helping to prevent infection. Repeat application as necessary for prickly heat and poison ivy. Active ingredients: Lidocaine 2.5%, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.14%.

40 ct Tubs, Sanizide Plus Wipes 147640398 These Sanizide Plus Wipes are ideal for cleaning and destroying bacterial germs.
Sanizide Plus Wipes eliminate TB, MRSA, VRE, E Coli and more in 10 minutes and HIV-1 in 2 minutes.
This alcohol free formula is non-flammable and safe to ship. SaniZide Plus® wipes are ready-to-use, and convenient.
Each wipe includes a powerful substance that terminates N1H1, MRSA, HIV-1, TB, HEP, E. COLI, VRE, AVIAN FLU A, and NOROVIRUS.
Normally used on environmental surface's.

Refill bundle 10 boxes of Burn Relief Pack, 3.5 gm. 6/bx 211345486 A pain-relieving gel used to treat minor burns (. when the burn has not penetrated or broken the skin). Also effective for cuts, scalds, scrapes and sunburn. This item meets ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2009 standards.

Stretcher, Collapsible Fold Up 1 each 397792940 Strong, durable and lightweight, this collapsible, polynylon fold-up portable stretcher is perfect for the workplace, schools, search and rescue, and all outdoor activities. Can accommodate poles (not included). Does not replace a back or spine board in the case of neck or back injuries.
SKU: M-M5119

CUT A WAY RESCUE TUBE COVER 20096460 This cover is a must to protect this tube where it is most vulnerable by the handholds. For use only with the cut-a-way rescue tube.
Color: Red.
Dimensions: 36" L x 8 1/2" W.
Weight: 1 lb., 2 oz.

PYRAMEX / EYEWEAR PROTECTION / BLACK FRAME / Indoor / Silver Mirror Lens 158364049 Model: Goliath
Frame: Black

Silver Mirror: Gray polycarbonate lens with silver mirror coating.
First class optical lens provides unrestricted vision.
Offers protection from excessive glare
Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.
Stylish, ergonomic frame combines with sleek polycarbonate lenses for the ultimate in protection and style.
Goliath Features: Goliath demonstrates strength with style and protection.
Wrap-around, sunglass style fits all facial sizes.
Lightweight, contemporary frame is comfortable for both working environments and recreational activities.
Comfort-fit, rubber temples prevent eyewear from slipping to provide maximum performance.
Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact Requirements

Silver Mirror Lens: Gray polycarbonate lens with silver mirror coating.
Offers protection from excessive glare.
Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.
100% polycarbonate lenses
Scratch-resistant lenses
Solara Features: Straight back temples with rubber insert provides comfort fit.
Built in nose pads elevate frame for precision fit and weightless wear
Extended lens provides complete coverage
Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact Requirements

100 Small Safe Touch Vinyl Exam Glove N/S 126856581 These Vinyl Exam Gloves provide maximum strength and comfort while still being able to stretch.
Ideal for unmatched quality and sensitivity.
Pre-powdered for much easier donning.

FOX40 CLASSIC WHISTLE 216899233 The Fox 40 Sport & Safety Classic is designed to be heard above ambient noise, the roar of engines, breaking waves and thundering gale-force winds. The chambers are designed to self-clear when submerged in water. There are no moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate.

140 Per Canister, Baby Wipes Scented 6 x 6.75" 536757800 Scented Baby Wipes can be used during playtime, changing time, and more.
Soft and gentle enough against the babies skin but provides superior strength and cleansing with it's thick material.
Provides a spectacular scent.
Moisturizes skin and leaves dryness out.

Deluxe First Aid Responder Pack, 62 pcs 111329729 This Deluxe First Aid Responder Kit includes everything needed for unwanted and unexpected emergencies.
It contains all the supplies to help manage and stabilize severe swelling, heavy bleeding, minor cuts and scrapes.
(2) Antiseptic Wipes
(4) Alcohol Wipes
(2) Hand Sanitizer, 0.9g
(1) Hydrocortisone, 0.9g
(1) Aspirin Tablets, Packet of 2
(1) Trauma Pad, 5” x 9”
(2) Sterile, Dressing Pad 3” x 3"
(1) Medical Grade Gloves, Pair
(1) 3” Gauze Roll Bandage
(10) Adhesive Plastic Bandage, 1” x 3”
(20) Fabric Bandage, 3/4” x 3”
(5) Junior Plastic Bandage, 3/8” x 1-1/2”
(1) Fingertip Fabric Bandage
(1) Knuckle Fabric, Bandage 1 Tela Knuckle, Venda
(2) Flexible Fabric Bandage 2” x 4 1/2”
(1) 1/2” x 10 First Aid Tape Roll
(1) Stainless Steel Scissors
(1) Plastic Tweezers
(1) CPR Face Shield
(1) Wall Mountable Plastic Case, 7-3/4 x 4-5/8 x 2-7/8
Model: MTS-75P
UPC 850459005216

3" x 3" Gauze Pads 5 Packs of 2 56584821 3" x 3" Gauze Pads - 5 - Packs of 2
SKU: FAE-5005
Our 100% 12 ply pure gauze pads are packaged individually in sterile envelopes and are perfectly suited for cleaning wounds and applying medication or antiseptic. They can be stacked on a wound to absorb additional fluid and can be removed without re-opening the wound. To use: remove from package and apply directly to wound, using tape, gauze or elastic bandage to wrap. This item meets ANSI Z308.1 - 2003 standards.

200 piece / Medium All Purpose Softsided First Aid Kit 153544531 All Purpose Softsided First Aid Kit - 200 Piece Medium.
Be Prepare for all emergency situations in the car, at home, outdoors or on the water. Supplies are easy to find in patent pending, clear pocket pages. Brand Medium soft kit is developed to your save time.

Kit Includes:
(50) 3/4"x3" Adhesive plastic bandages
(10) 3/4"x3" Fabric bandages
(20) 1"x3" Adhesive plastic bandages
(8) Knuckle fabric bandages
(8) Fingertip fabric bandages
(1) 2"x4" Elbow & knee plastic bandage
(20) 3/8"x1-1/2" Junior plastic bandages
(12) 7/8" Spot plastic bandages
(10) 2"x2" Gauze dressing pads
(2) 3"x3" Gauze dressing pads
(1) 5"x9" Trauma pad
(2) Aspirin tablets
(2) Ibuprofen tablets
(4) Extra-strength non-aspirin tablets
(8) Alcohol cleansing pads
(12) BZK antiseptic towelettes
(4) Antibiotic ointment packs
(1) Burn relief pack, 3.5 gm.
(1) 1/2"x5 yd. First aid tape roll
(1) 4"x5" Instant cold compress
(1) Sterile eye pad
(1) 6"x11/16" Finger splint
(1) Emergency blanket
(10) 3" Cotton tipped applicators
(2) Exam quality vinyl gloves
(1) 4" Tweezers, plastic
(1) 40 pg. First aid guide
Kit Dimensions: 8-1/4"x6-1/4"x2-1/2"

Cap Style 4 Point Ratchet Suspension Gray 410155114 ANSI Certified
Hard Hat Features:
Shell constructed from High Density Polyethylene materials
Low Profile design
Rain trough on sides and back of helmet channel moisture away.
Universal accessory slots fit cap mounted ear muffs and chin straps.
Ratchet suspension is easy to adjust and allows the wearer to modify the fit while wearing hard hats.
Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Standards, Type I, Class C, G, and E
CSA Z94.1-05
Soft brow pad is replaceable and washable
Replacement suspensions and headbands available.