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Collie Dog Custom Photo Charm 628294539

Collie Dog Custom Photo Charm The Collie is so intelligent that it has been trained for many purposes, including a rescue dog, a guide for the blind, a movie star, and as a guard dog. It is extremely versatile, and now is showcased on your Italian charms bracelet along with the name of your very own pet that you supply for us. It is backed by stainless steel and painted with enamel for a glossy feel and look.
Note: Please provide custom information in the Comments section, located between billing and shipping information when ordering. more...

Krista Laser 965961856 Put your name or name of your darling on a bracelet. The Krista Laser Italian Charm is wonderful gift for all Krista or great way to show your special Krista what does he meant to you. The name is engraved with the laser on a high quality stainless steel base. The combination of black and steel looks very classic and wonderful

I Love My Husband 53928051 To show how much you love and care for your husband, the love of your life, this charm is a nice gesture to show him that you care about him. The words are embedded onto a high-grade, stainless steel base.

Easter Basket Italian Charm 521115087 Remember when you were little, and your parents…err…I mean the Easter bunny used to load up a basket full of Easter candy? Well now you can carry that nostalgia with you everywhere you go with this colorful Italian charm!

Christmas Ball in Half Circle Gold Laser Charm 177940001 This Christmas ball is delicately laser-etched into this stainless steel base. Bold and beautifully festive, this charm is a timely piece that you will want to add to your charm collection.

Kanji Symbol "Achieve" 494000211 This Kanji Symbol Photo charm is perfect for the unique and elegant bracelet. The symbol means “Achieve“. This beautiful Kanji Photo Charm is perfect for any Italian charm bracelet. The charm is coated with clear and protective resin. You can, now, add Kanji Symbol to your stainless steel Italian Charms bracelet.

I Love My Son Custom Laser Charm 349612270 Personalize your Italian charm collection with a charm stating “I Love My Son (Custom)”. Replace the word custom with your own son’s name. This charm will showcase the love of your son right on your Italian charm bracelet. Have more than one son? Collect as many as you can with all of their names.
Note: Please provide custom information in the Comments section, located between billing and shipping information when ordering.

Jesus Christianity Photo Charm 475768258 Show your love of Christianity with an Italian charm featuring a gorgeous image of Jesus Christ. A silhouette of Jesus’ face is set against a bright red background, with the word “Christianity” written in black across the bottom of this charm. The photo is place don the link of steel and then covered in clear enamel for extra protection.

Loopy Leo Laser Charm 591151037 Shown here is a confused looking lion, which is the Zodiac icon for Leo. The lion image is boldly inscribed into a strong, shimmering stainless steel base link. These cartoon icons for the horoscope figures give this ancient study a little twist and make great gifts for those whose birthdays fall under the specific month period.

Fox photo charm 226285483 An animal of the dog family with a pointed muzzle, bushy tail, and a reddish coat is what you see on our Italian charm. Amazing? But with Photo charms the whole real world can be seen on your bracelet in its small reproduction. The image is placed on a shimmering stainless steel base and polished with protective laminate. Get a whole bunch of new Italian photo charms to make your bracelet bright and colorful!